After overcoming quadriplegia that resulted from breaking his neck in 2011 (more on this here), Kevin refocused his photographic pursuits to specialize in architectural photography. His love for math, physics and all things technical is a perfect compliment to his creative mindset and appreciation for design. His fervor for overcoming the many technical challenges that are characteristic of architectural photography is assisted by his creative problem solving. In essence, he's a complete photo nerd that loves a challenge.

Fun Stuff

When Kevin isn't referring to himself in the third person while writing his bio and constantly tweaking his websites, he can be found doing the following:

- exploring landscapes

- taking in a good road trip

- taking in the sand, sea, sun, and palm trees on a beach-cruiser

- consuming frozen yogurt

- anything coffee or mint flavored will do (despite not being a coffee drinker)

- trekking back to his roots in the Adirondack Mountains of New York until the bugs have eaten 74.2% of him

- watching movies (thrillers and time-warp/alternate reality to the front of the line)

- teaching and training others on all things photography

- and napping...one must not forget napping


- Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology

- Multiple sole artist exhibitions beginning in 2004

- Museum of Photographic Arts 2013

- Product development of professional photographic editing software

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