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Beautiful architecture deserves beautiful photographs. Each space, place and form has its own character and identity. Architectural photography is simply capturing a portrait of a structure/space/place. My approach to architectural photography combines my photo-geekiness love of overcoming technical challenges with my passion for capturing the essence of a person in order to create a living rendition of the space.  The process begins with learning and understanding the form and its personality. It ends with harnessing the optimal ambient light, mixing it with the architectural lighting and then augmenting both in order to sculpt a dynamic portrait that highlights its distinguishing characteristics.


After overcoming quadriplegia that resulted from breaking his neck in 2011 (more on this here), Kevin refocused his photographic pursuits to specialize in architectural photography. His love for math, physics and all things technical is a perfect compliment to his creative mindset and appreciation for design. His fervor for overcoming the many technical challenges that are characteristic of architectural photography is assisted by his creative problem solving. In essence, he's a complete photo nerd that loves a challenge.

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